Weathered Wall was born out of the remnants of 90's Norwich-based groups The Tower and Japanese Whispers, described by it's founding member, Dean Burnett, as "a journey leading to experimental electronic and synth music ... an expression of images, ideas, feelings, thoughts ... transformed into rhythmic sound ..."

Dean's background in music stems from writing songs and poems from a young age and then discovering the guitar. It wasn't too long before he discovered the synthesizer and in the early 1980's, bought his first synth, the Italian-made Jen SX1000. That kick-started his writing process good and proper and he written and co-written many songs over the years and been involved with bands such as the afore-mentioned Japanese Whispers and The Tower. These bands are having their music re-released digitally along with Dean's solo material, via Amazon and iTunes etc.

Following the demise of The Tower (and it's successor Redshift), Dean took something of a sabbatical from the music thing until it was suggested that he set a website for The Tower, which had enjoyed a modicum of success and had been on the brink of a recording deal. This re-ignited Dean's interest in writing and after meeting up with Simon Watson, who had been a follower of the group and was also into the music thing, Weathered Wall came into being. Equipment and software was purchased and the first WW album called "The History of Graffiti" was released. A further two albums ensued called "Time" and "Black Blood" before Simon called it a day to focus on his grwoing photography business. I joined the set-up in late 2013, initially to produce the fourth WW album "Josephine", my first bout of production for someone other than myself. "Josephine" was completed in April 2014 and released soon thereafter.

Dean adn I are soon to start preparing new material in my GTK Studio and it is hoped that we may venture out into the big wide world to do some kind of live performance. It's early days yet, but there are plenty of plans afoot :-)