The GTK Studio, is my personal recording studio and it's located in the East Anglian city of Norwich, U.K.

It's a contemporary recording set-up, centred around a Windows 10 64-bit computer running the Cockos Reaper 5 Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), and utilising a wide range of software instruments and effects, with a small collection of hardware equipment.

My recording setup makes full use of Virtual Synthesizer Technology (VST) for both sound processing and instrumentation. The greater majority of the synthesizers used on my recordings are software, many of which are virtual versions of classic keyboards as well as modern contemporary programs. And it's not just synthesizers that are software based; sound processing units such as reverb, delay, phasing, flanging and compression are also predominantly software, and when combined with the facilities offered by the modern digital audio workstation, an unprecedented level of flexibility becomes available. My small collection of hardware includes synthesizers and effects units for those more "hands-on" moments and for live performance, including equipment from Korg, Alesis, Behringer and Mackie.

The GTK Studio is very much a "project studio" put together for my own personal use, therefore it isn't really suitable for bands or larger scale recording projects, my musical interests and motivations simply don't extend beyond my own music. But, for me, it is the perfect environment for songwriting, electronic music recording, vocal recording and production. I've been fortunate enough to have acquired a good range of high-quality software instruments and effects, including products from such companies as Waves, Native Instruments and Arturia, and including high-end software synthesizers such as the GForce ImpOSCar 2 and the mighty Omnisphere from Spectrasonics. All of this enables me to keep control over every aspect of vocal and instrument recording. My aim when setting up this little "studio" was to make the process of making music easy, comfortable and enjoyable, but still put me in a position whereupon I can deliver what I hope are quality productions.