Geigertek is where it all kicked off again for me after close on 20 years away from all things musical. Somewhere between 2005 and 200, myself and a good friend of Teutonic origin called Conrad Schmidt, first conceived "Geiger-Tek", as it was then known, as a purely studio-based project. We wanted to make music with computers and software, no hardware and definitely no live stuff!!! We started work on the first album (which became "The Garden") in the Summer of 2006, but unfortunately, fate and family matters stepped in and took Conrad and his lovely family permanently back to Germany. I carried on with it, finally finishing the album in late 2007 and altered the original name to "Geigertek". Upon the suggestion of DJ Terry Hawke and U.S. electronic music fan Steve Ruby, I approached AD Music with the first draft, and after a series of highly entertaining meetings and taking their advice of making a few alterations and adding a couple of extra tracks, the album was signed up and eventually released in August 2008.

I had determined that I would not do any live performances because it can be quite hard work and I didn't have any equipment other than a MIDI keyboard controller, a 4-channel mixer and an audio interface for my computer. In January 2008, David Wright asked me if I would be his support act for a forth-coming performance he was planning in the following September. Without thinking, I said yes and woke up the next morning with that "oh my god, what I have said!!!" feeling. But, I managed to get a small set up sorted and on the 14th September 2008, I played my first live concert in 20 years and my first solo concert EVER.

I completed my second album, "The Timeless Mind" in early 2010 and it was released the following May at the E-Day Electromic Music Festival, held in Holland, where I played as part of David Wright's set - even getting to perform two tracks from the new album as the opener to his set. "The Timeless Mind" was generally well received and gave me something of a benchmark to work from for the next album.

In the Summer of 2010, I was asked to perform as part of an evening of electronica and synth-pop music called "Artificial", held in my home town of Norwich. I was in something of a pickle with this as my output to that point had all been instrumental/ambient/electronic, however, I had a series of songs that I had written in a previous life some 20-odd years before and quickly put together a 40 minute set of original material plus a couple of covers. It went well, it was the first time I had sung on my own in public and AD Music released an E.P. of the original songs called "Endless Night".

With the second album and E.P done, I then set about work on the third Geigertek album. "The Garden" and "The Timeless Mind" were both very heavily influenced by personal spiritual beliefs and life experiences, and this was something I really wanted to move away from. As you will have seen on this website of mine, I have a passion for photography and one of my main photographic pursuits is that of Urban Exploration (mooching about in derelict/abandoned properties). I am also a confirmed city dweller and love living in a small city. These two elements became the basis of inspiration for what would become "Soundtrack For City Living", released in October 2011. My final vision was that of an imagined vibrant night cityscape, expressed through a variety of musical emotions. One of the tracks is a cover of John Foxx's debut solo single from 1980, "Underpass". My version is very different as I take a rather laid-back approach, with subtle but complex rhythms and filmic strings. I was very proud to find it was chosen as the top song of 2012 by John Diliberto of the U.S. radio station "Echoes", with the album garnering some really positive reviews, with David Wrigh describing it as "fine offering of stylized electronic music" and a "quantum leap forward from his previous releases".

After the release of "Soundtrack For City Living", I took something of a break to put together my studio, which is now equipped with plenty of toys and gadgets that i shall be using for the fourth Geigertek album, "Hollow Sun"