Between January 2009 and January 2014, I was a keyboard player with electronic rock group, Code Indigo.

I enjoyed 5 years as part of a band that has been going for the best part of 15 years and playing alongside one of my musical inspirations, David Wright. As well as a series of highly successful concerts both in the U.K. and Europe, I was fortunate enough to have been involved in the writing of the 2013 Code Indigo release, "MELTdown", which you can purchase HERE. AD Music will be releasing a 500 Limited Edition double set that comprises a CD called "Take the Money and Run" (I contributed to the writing of one of the tracks), and a 90 minute DVDr of the "MELTdown" graphics and live concert extracts filmed at the E-Day 2013 concert, which was my last appearance as a part of the line-up.

Code Indigo is quite a tricky band to effectively categorise, in the main because it's music and concept-style albums cross a number of musical genres and actively appeal to a very wide range of listeners. The music of Code Indigo comprises strong, original melodic compositions that use an imaginative combination of keyboards, guitar, samples and rhythms with a plentiful addition of atmosphere, experimental, ambient and down tempo chill out influences. The music of Code Indigo has been compared a cross-pollination of a Blade Runner-style soundtrack, Art of Noise, Enigma and an instrumental Pink Floyd.

Code Indigo was originally conceived in 1995 by U.K. instrumental electronic music composers, David Wright and Robert Fox and it's fair to say that it really has undergone a number of personnel changes over the years. Until my departure from the group in January 2014, the line-up was David Wright and myself on keyboards, Dave (DJ) Barefield on lead guitar, Dave Massey taking care of rhythm, sequencing and bass programming and Nigel Turner-Heffer on keyboards, bass and rhythm guitar.