I have a love of something called Hauntology, where the past collides with the present and the future, sometimes in ways not often seen at once, but still distinctly a part of the current condition. Think of looking at a photograph of a modern place that's been treated with the retro-style filters of Instagram, or perhaps sitting down and reading a book that talks of the future from the perspective of the time that it was written, which is now, essentially, our past. Cool huh?

So when it comes to music, you can have great fun creating something with the ethos of hauntology behind it. In my case, it's about using styles and sounds of yesterday that were considered to be the sounds of tomorrow - I like to think of it as retro-futurism. And you can approach lyric writing in that was. So, Circle Line is a fledgling musical project I've set up which will mix evolving synthesizer soundscapes using radiophonic-like sounds and textures as well as modern synthesizers, blended with both current and retro rhythm generation. Once that's done, I can then ice this particular cake with ethereal voices to create what you might call Hauntological New Age. Early days, we'll see what happens.