Callisto is the studio project of U.K. electronic music composer/performer David Wright and Code Indigo producer/programmer Dave Massey. It's a collaboration that effectively combines the trademark skills of these two musicians, witnessed jointly and individually across a collective of some 30 albums. As Callisto, the two Davids come together as one, creating striking melodies with strident rhythms and sequences, born from a shared passion for the early works of Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze. The two Callisto albums, "Signal to the Stars" and "Nyx", evoke the sounds of the early Berlin School/space music pioneers, but in a fresh and original way.

My involvement in Callisto is purely to play keyboards for their live performances because, in his own words, Dave Massey "doesn't do live". I've enjoyed playing three well-received concerts alongside David Wright at the 2009 Hampshire Jam (which was released as a CDr/download, available from the AD Music website), the 2010 E-Day event (David Wright was headlining the event and our performance premiered the "Nyx" album) and the 2011 Bungay Bash. All concerts were enormous fun, a lot of work (live sequencing with laptops is NOT for the faint-hearted!!!) and a sheer pleasure to perform.

I've added some photos from the three events on the Images page in the Music section.

You can buy the Callisto releases (including the "Live at the Hampshire Jam") by clicking HERE

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